One of the next revolutions in wound healing has arrived… Regenerative medicine is becoming reality. Valley Foot Surgeons is now offering amnion based nonsteroidal stem cell rich injections for numerous foot and ankle disorders.

Injections of the stem cell rich material has allowed Valley Foot Surgeons to effectively treat wound problems that otherwise may have either not healed were taken considerably longer to do so.

Along with these injections, laser treatments are often utilized to allow difficult wounds to heal faster as well. When a diabetic patient has either a foot ulcer or a surgical procedure on the foot and ankle, getting the wound to heal may be an extremely difficult task.

Utilizing a substance that potentiates the healing mechanism of the wound with regenerative factors has allowed the podiatrists at Valley Foot Surgeons to speed up the healing process. These treatments are revolutionizing for an ankle treatments.

They are finding indications in difficult healing wounds, helping in surgery with tendon repair, and have shown some anecdotal evidence in helping patients reduce pain when dealing with peripheral neuropathy.

Traditional pain management injections have involved steroid injections with cortisone. These steroid injections are not designed to cure anything. They simply provide a large anti-inflammatory effect into areas that are dealing with pain mostly from an inflammatory component. This may be an arthritic ankle, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, or a neuropathy such as tarsal tunnel syndrome. While steroids do not carry a heavy risk profile, there are some small but real risks associated with their use. In addition, only Sony steroid injections can be given around the foot and ankle in any given period of time.

The stem cell rich tissue injections utilized at Valley Foot Surgeons maintain 3 characteristics that are different than typical steroid injections.

  • 1st of all, they do not contain any steroids. This means there is no potential of damaging cartilage as that is one of the significant concerns with steroid injections into a joint.
  • 2nd of all, the injection material has a significant anti-inflammatory quality. This comes from proteins in the injection material known as cytokines. In addition to this anti-inflammatory effect, the stem cell rich tissue therapy contains hyaluronic acid as well. Hyaluronic acid is one of the significant components of joint fluid and helps significantly with lubrication of every joint in the body.
  • The most important characteristic of the injection material is that it has potential ability for cell regeneration. As mentioned, steroid injections do not alter the state of a disease with any type of a cure. They merely are designed to suppress symptoms. Injections with the stem cell rich substance has been shown in animal studies to alter the course of certain diseases. Rabbit studies have shown cartilage defects to be filled in when stem cells were injected into the damaged areas.

The combination of the substance being nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory, along with the potential for regenerating deficient cell areas is extremely appealing around the foot and ankle and represents a significant game changer in podiatry.

The treatment utilized at Valley Foot Surgeons comes from an FDA registered tissue bank that utilizes Current Good Tissue Practice standards. The material does not involve any fetal tissue and is not embryonic. Rather, the material contains mesenchymal stem cells and Thomas from consenting donors that have undergone culturing and toxicity testing of the samples by the lab. Amniotic fluid is known as a rich source of stem cells that maintain the capacity to form multiple tissue types. This may contain potential for several clinical applications around the foot and ankle both for wound healing and for joint treatments along with soft tissue injections.

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Dr. Jacoby helped get rid of my foot pain when no one else could. He took the time to listen and did a comprehensive workup. The laser treatments got rid of my pain entirely!

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